For All Wannabe Product Managers

Reading this one line, blew me away. And if you are like me, I’m sure it will blow away your mind too. I’ve been following Jackie Bavaro on Quora recently, and this one answer made me read the answer multiple times.

You can read the question on Quora.

Also, reproduced here.

Question: What are some things you can say during a Product Manager interview that will really blow the interviewer away?

Answer: Show deep insight and big vision
I’m impressed when a candidate gets really deep into the user’s motivation.  This is more than “The customer wants to buy an iPod”. It’s taking it all the way to “The customer is trying to signal their status and open doorways to interact and create friendships with similar people”.

And then once you have that deep insight, use it to take your vision farther. Solve the problems that people didn’t know to complain about.  Add the features they didn’t know to ask for.


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