Product Culture in Top Orgnizations

product ninja

To an outsider, the culture inside the hottest tech companies in the world might sound the same. They all have free food, flexi hours, no dress code and have a ton of perks. But when someone talks about culture and mentions only these things, one can be sure that this person has no idea what work culture actually means.

Culture has a lot to do with how things get done. It deals with the power centers in decision making. It has a lot to do with the level of influence each team has in shaping the final product. Product management is certainly an important function and for a young product manager it is important to know the level of influence the Product Management team has in a company he wants to join.

Read this question on Quora. A famous product manager shares her view on the most influential team in various hot tech companies. She goes on to say that in Google & Facebook it is engineering team that calls the shots. My encounters with an engineer at Google also suggests the same. (Although I admit that judging based on a one person sample is criminal).

Reading the post, Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon have product managers who are real ninjas. They seem to hold the maximum influence in decision making. This is understandable too. Amazon & Yahoo have the best internet strategies. Although Yahoo’s is a tad too unique for other companies to follow. But this is strategy and I guess it should be unique!

And finally. Surprise, surprise! In Apple it is a shared spot at the top between the Executives and Designers.

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