I started out as a full stack Software Engineer and then turned to Product Management because I wanted to have a larger share of voice on how to build products. So after brief stints at Wipro Technologies and Advisory Services Board, I did an MBA from the Asian Institue of Management in Manila Philippines and joined a startup in Bangalore.

Armed with textbooks of management knowledge and some working knowledge, I started building products for startups in Bangalore, India. It took me a few months to understand that I needed to unlearn a few things –

  1. Software Engineering + MBA != Great Product Manager
  2. Being a great PM is not an IQ contest. It is more like body building, which requires you to work on specific muscles with focus and for many years.
  3. Unlike an individual contributor engineer, your ability to make an impact does not depend on just you. The max impact you can make is function of
    • Engineering team’s strength
    • Design team’s strength
    • Business team’s strength
    • Alignment of vision between your roadmap with leadership’s priorities
    • And many more more smaller aspects…

After a couple of years at startups like CommonFloor and Quikr, where I had worked on a wide variety of initiatives, I landed up at MakeMyTrip – India’s largest online travel aggregator.

MakeMyTrip is arguable India’s oldest e-commerce company. I helped set up the first growth team at MakeMyTrip. Growth was seen as a function of Marketing till then and we built a product roadmap to leverage existing users to acquire new ones. From there, I went to to lead the product team for Customer Experience for Goibibo (also part of MakeMyTrip) and then led one of the largest verticals there.

Currently, I lead the product team for RazorpayX’s Platform Unit. At RazorpayX we’re building a neobank for businesses of various sizes across India. We’re a Series D company and are just getting started in our scaling journey.

You can find more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.